How a self managed super fund can grant you a better future

First of all it is important to understand that superannuation, or super, or super funds, here in Australia. Here self managed superannuation fund accounts are like bank accounts or pension funds, which are managed by third parties, who manage the funds according to the client’s profile, that is, if you want to retire early, the administration is done in a way, if for later, administration is done in another way.

All workers here are required to have a superannuation account so that they can secure their retirement independently from the government. This fund is “fed” by the mandatory contributions that companies make to their workers, with a minimum contribution of 9.5% over the employee’s salary, but that can reach 12% depending on the company in which they work. That way you will have self managed super funds.

In general, for a worker to receive the benefit of a company’s self managed super funds, he must be over 18 and receive more than AU $ 450 per month, regardless of whether he is a full-time, part-time / part-time or casual. It is worth remembering that any amount deposited in the superannuation fund is taxed at 15% tax, but may reach up to 30% depending on the annual amount deposited in the fund.


Know more about self managed super fund in Australia

Companies that hire autonomous workers who use ABN are not required to pay the superannuation to their contractors. This type of hiring is very common in the area of ​​hospitality here. For residents, who are already in the country for at least 10 years, do not receive pension funds in another country and have reached the age of 65 in 2017, they can receive retirement from the Australian government through the Department of Human Services Human from Australia. By the way, in 2023 the retirement age in Australia will rise to 67 years, and so rules for self managed super fund can also change.

Government retirement can reach AU $ 794.80 per fortnight for single retirees or AU $ 1,168.00 for married. This amount will depend on the financial condition, the accumulated assets of the retiree, the amount received through the Superannuation and also if the retiree continues or does not work after the retirement age, and can reach US $ 0.00 of government contribution to the retiree who has an external fortnightly income greater than AU $ 1,909.80 for singles or AU $ 2,922.80 for couples.

The bottom line

Therefore, the Australian government provides financial support to the retiree, but in an intelligent way, where first the beneficiary must enjoy his / her income in the self managed super fund and / or a possible salary as an employee, only to receive the benefit directly from the government. You will definitely find lots of interesting information regarding self managed superannuation fund on the web and such information will definitely be able to help you understand its concept quickly.